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Our goal here at Real Estate Solutions is to simplify the process of renting and selling a home.

We aim to make the process more efficient, professional and rewarding. See what our clients
have to say about our real estate and property management services.

“Selecting Real Estate Solutions to handle the management and leasing of our
residential property portfolio has had a positive impact from the beginning. Their
performance on rent collections and timely financial reporting has exceeded our
expectations and results from prior management firms. The systems, procedures
and processes employed by the staff of Real Estate Solutions demonstrate their
experience in addressing tenant issues and fulfilling the needs/requirements of

David C. Robertson

Mid-South Residential Properties, LLC

“I just wanted to take time out to really thank you for all your great
work that you do managing my rental properties. In the past, I’ve managed my
own properties as well as used other property management companies, but I have
never found such impeccable service. Of everybody I’ve used, you are by far the

Charlie Kent

Property Owner, Missouri


“My experience with RES has been nothing, but exceptional. They had the most
advanced and current marketing strategies to market my rental properties.
This is no perfect world, but within the last two years, RES has done such a perfect job
that none of my rental properties were ever left empty for more than two weeks!
That is incredible in the real estate world and especially in this economy. I would certainly
recommend RES to anyone who wants to profit from real estate property rental.”

Matthew Stephens

Property Owner, Kansas City

“Thank you for your organized efforts and the details you put into selling my property.
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your staff. The professionalism shown
speaks volumes about your company. I would highly recommend your company to anyone
who wants to sell their home in a bad economy. Thank you so very much.
My parents are so happy that I can finally move in with them.”

Sharon Elitan

Homeowner, Oregon


“Thank you so much for all of the superb work that you have done which is far
and above what most property management companies generally do.
You are such a goldmine. It was a pleasure to finally put a face to a voice.
You really went out of your way to assist us.
Thanks again!”

Gina Conseulo

Property Owner, San Dieto, CA


“Real Estate Solutions has been very professional with every facet of our
business relationship. They have numerous resources that are used to rent
properties quickly. They have been a huge help to finding ideal tenants very quickly.
Their maintenance help to the tenants is always outstanding. They respond to
emergencies in a timely manner and this result in keeping our tenants happy.
If our tenants are happy, we are happy. Thanks RES!”

Robert Bronten

Rental property owners, Mississippi


“I found RES to be the most affordable property management services and so
I decided to try them. Not only were their services cost effective, but very efficient as well.
I really value the services provided by RES. I am not only a property owner, but also a
building contractor and so I know good service when I see it. RES came highly
recommended to me and I will reciprocate the same thing. Thank you RES!”

Arnel Carion

Building Contractor and Property
Owner, Florida


“I wanted to sell my home in Jackson, Mississippi, but was not able to on my own.
Someone recommended RES to me and I decided to give them a try. They used their
innovative strategies to list and market my property and it sold within two months.
I still wonder what I wasn’t doing right, but I am so glad that the property is finally
sold so my wife and I can relocate. Like the person that recommended RES, I do the same.
I wouldn’t do business with any other company.”

Marsh Givenist

Homeowner, Jackson, MS

Here are some of the letters that our clients went out of their way and took time to write to us:

Real Estate Solutions Team,

We spent several years renovating our Jackson home with the hopes of it selling
it as updated and improved.

As planned we moved on to our new home, listed our Jackson house for sale and
began paying two mortgages. While listing our Jackson home the housing market
slowed down. We could not attract buyers to even look inside.

Faced with double mortgage payments continuing twice as long as planned we
turned to your team of professionals for help and advice. The options you all
presented were beyond what we envisioned as available to us.

In choosing to lease out our home with MSRES managing the property we literally
have no worries. Your depth of marketing was apparent with the speed in which
you presented us with a signed contract in less than a week! And a very
respectable tenant!

The monthly payments always arrive on time at the beginning of each month and
cover all of our costs. The maintenance team is top notch and I believe the
only person happier with them is the tenant.

We thank you all for your TOP NOTCH work in not only solving what
became a real crisis for us but also continued excellent service.

Yours sincerely,



Hello RES professionals,

“I can never forget the day I called your office. I was frantic. I had just been
promoted to Assistant VP of Sales in my company and that meant that I had to
move from Mississippi to Washington DC. Needless to say, I hated the idea of
moving and in addition selling a home to move. The stress was insurmountable
and I did not initially know where to turn. We only had sixty days to sell our
Mississippi home and in the current market conditions, it did not look
possible. So the stress began to mount!

Fortunately, my mother knew about RES and recommended that I try your services.
The staff understood the dire need to relocate and accommodate the urgency that
I put on selling my property. The staff was extremely helpful and acted as
if they really cared. I did not want to have two mortgages and I did not want
to return to Mississippi to try to close the sale. I wanted to do everything
once so I could make the final move. I knew that I could not sell the home
on my own. I did not have the expertise and there just wasn’t enough time.

The entire staff at RES acted so professionally and yet treated me as
part of the family. I am deeply indebted to you because you sold my home
in less than two months; something that is not ideally realistic, but definitely
great for me. I don’t know how you did it and I really don’t care. All I care
about is that it was done and so I had to write this letter to tell you
how much I appreciate your services. My family is now settled
in a home that we adore and we were glad that we could allow another family to
have a home that they enjoyed too. Thank you so much for the time and effort
that you invested in my personal situation.







To: The staff at Real Estate Solutions

I am writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am to you for renting my
property to such awesome tenants. I could not have asked for better tenants.
They pay promptly every month, which allows me to see my profit consistently.
It appears that your marketing and screening strategies paid off. I would
certainly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a diligent,
confident and trustworthy property management company to effectively manage
their rental properties for them.

I cannot believe that these tenants have been in this particular unit now for six years
and have never owed one month’s rent. How do you do it? From what I hear from
some members of your staff, you go to extreme measures to please the tenant by
responding quickly to emergency calls, giving them discount incentives and
efficiently maintaining the unit. Whatever you are doing, please keep doing
because if the tenants are please, then I am pleased also.

Because of your exceptional service, I am even planning on purchasing some commercial
properties and of course, I will definitely be using your services to secure
those properties and to find the best tenant for those properties. I will call
you next week to discuss it with one of your representatives.

Thank you once again for your reliability and dependability. So many more property owners
need to know about you and I will certainly spread the word.


Trisha Adamson

Property Owner

Here is an excerpt from an email from one of our tenants…..

Thanks so much! And I have really appreciated how wonderful you all have been as landlords — throughout college, graduate school and law school, I have lived in many different rental situations all over the country, and I have found Real Estate Solutions and you to be the most responsive and professional landlords that I have dealt with thus far.