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Tenant Credit Verification

It is so important for landlords today not to be caught off guard with a credit risk before renting a property to a tenant. Additionally, it is equally important to ensure that you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act when checking a potential tenant’s credit. Mississippi Real Estate Solutions provides professional, thorough and complete screening for your prospective tenants while still meeting all of the FCRA regulations.

Comprehensive Screening of Tenants

Our recommendation, in most cases, is that it is better to keep your property vacant than to have an unqualified or difficult tenant. We use a very systematic and meticulous application process to seriously lessen any risk of tenant default. We charge competitive fees for our services and the tenant pays those fees. Our tenant verification process is detailed, but not intimidating. The process includes:

  • A complete credit report on each applicant
  • A search for any previous evictions in areas that tenant resided
  • Verifying previous references from landlords
  • Verifying employment and income of applicants
  • Conducting a criminal background check on each applicant. This includes searching sex offender and terrorist lists.

There are a lot of tenant verification services that you can choose from, but none of them provide the ease and speed at which we perform our services. In addition, our tenant verification service is all-inclusive, which means that we not only check the tenant’s credit report, but we delve into the applicant’s past to discover anything that will jeopardize our client’s peace of mind. We look into everything that would affect the landlord’s chances of having a long-term tenant.

There are many landlords who are still relying ONLY on credit checks for Tenant Verification. However, this information is not sufficient enough to reveal a person’s character. There are a lot of people that have good credit, but make poor tenants.

Allowing the experts at Mississippi Real Estate Solutions to conduct a complete Tenant Verification check will help to expose any discrepancies in the tenant’s application.

If you are a landlord that owns one or several properties:

  • Do you want to feel confident about receiving a tenant’s monthly rent payments on time and to know that those checks won’t bounce?
  • Do you want your tenants to feel safe in your property because all other tenants sharing the property were properly screened?
  • Do you have problems getting information about the applicant’s credit because you are not qualified to pull credit under Credit Bureau rules?
  • Do you need assistance to get the most effective tenant screening?

Our careful screening process protects you from the headaches of dealing with tenants who have a past history of being a problem to other landlords. You owe it to yourself to try the tenant credit verification solution that grants you access to great tenants. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss how Mississippi Real Estate Solutions and its services can benefit you (601)713-0007.