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Repairs and Rent Ready

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions serves the Mississippi region and offers an elevated level of superiority and service. We provide our real investment clients with exclusive property management services; in addition to leasing to eligible candidates.

Our staff is experienced in all kinds of property repairs. Your property needs will be assessed and a strategic plan will be implemented to begin the repair and cleaning process in order to make it ‘rent ready.’ Our professional staff will provide a high caliber of service, by first looking over the property and quickly creating a “needs assessment” allowing us to do what it takes to prepare it for leasing or renting.

You won’t lose much downtime between repairs and actually getting the property rented because our staff works quick, but efficiently.

The importance of a rent ready property

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions are currently managing numerous properties in your neighborhood and having been doing this for years. We will have your property prepared for renting before any type of marketing or advertising is done. We want to protect your interest and also satisfy the tenant. In most cases, the tenant will not wait for us to repair the property. This is not the ideal situation and may cause safety issues and risks.

It is not easy to advertise a property that is not ‘rent ready.’ We would prefer not to consider such an option. The property has to have an excellent curb appeal and be clean inside.

When your property becomes vacant, we will do a walk through to see what needs to be done. We will have our competent staff with us while we do the walk through. They will then prioritize and make a decision to outsource to a preferred vendor or do the complete repair and cleaning in house of the property inside and out or where necessary.

Our main focus is to allow for less vacancy time and a quick rental. This eliminates any long period of waiting for your property to rent. We limit any confusion and conflict between repair and cleaning schedules to make sure that all of our staff know what needs to be done and when to do it.

Call us today (601) 713-0007 for a free consultation on how we can assist you. Our service and dependability will surpass your expectations.