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The “Just Rented” portion of our website has been designed to give a preview of the variety of different properties that Real Estate Solutions has to offer. Unfortunately these properties have already been rented and are being utilized by families, students, and everyone in between. Real Estate Solutions Inc. properties include Metro Jackson and the surrounding areas, such as Pearl, Brandon, Madison, Flowood, Clinton, and Ridgeland, just to name a few.

The properties listed in this portion of the website vary from single family homes, apartments, efficiencies, and multi family units. As you navigate through the “Just Rented” section of our website, please do not get discouraged, these properties will come available again. If you are interested in a property that you are seeing on the “Just Rented” portion, you must keep an eye on our website at  or, join our facebook page at to see when these properties may become available for rent in the future.

It may be closer than you think. It may also be beneficial for you to call our office for more information at, 601-713-0007.

If you are going to be in our area, please feel free to come by our office to pick up one of our free property listings. The property listing will not only show you what we have available now, but will also have a “Coming Soon” section. The properties listed on our free listing as “Coming Soon” are properties that we have received notices to vacate from the tenants, or properties that are vacant and being updated for the next renter.

The home that you have been waiting for just may pop up on that listing as “Coming Soon”. So if you see a property on our website in the “Just Rented” portion, and you still have time to browse, do not give up. That property could be available right around the corner. Real Estate Solutions Inc. would like to thank you for choosing us as your next management company, and letting us help you get into a home that you and your family will love!