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Rent Collection

Rent-CollectionIt is obvious that in some situations, tenants are delinquent in paying their rent on time. In some cases, though, some only need a little reminder and some will need consistent reminders. In other cases, others may need a jolt such as court papers and credit reporting.

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions trains their staff in all aspects of fair housing laws allowing them to avoid costly discrimination complaints. In addition, has the experience and knowledge of when to write to the tenant, when to give the tenant a call and when to file court documents. We have experienced and capable staff to stay on top of all rental issues. They will apply their experience to ensure that you receive your rental payments on time.

After we qualify the tenants, then rent collection is our next most central task for property owners. Most rent is lost when the property management office and the tenant has a break-down in communication. However, this does not have to become an issue in your case because we maintain a solid relationship with our tenants.

As a property owner, you are financially reliant on your tenants. When a tenant does not pay the rent on time, you have to be concerned about how you will make your mortgage payment. Finding yourself in this type of circumstance will be frustrating for you and in some cases; you will get angry enough to want to file a law suit right away. You don’t have to be in this stressful situation because we know how to assess the situation and know exactly what to do.

Here is how we look at the situation initially. We know that in some cases, it could be that the tenant:

  • May have temporarily forgotten to pay the rent
  • Mail might have been delayed
  • May have lost their job
  • May have repairs to be done to the property and the tenant is withholding the rent

We never assume the worst at first. The tenant may possibly have a compelling reason for not paying the rent on time. We first give them the benefit of the doubt. We know, however, regardless of what kind of explanation that the tenant gives; you still want your money.

We take full responsibility for collecting the tenant’s rent and will make every attempt to make sure that the tenant pays in full and pays on time. If there is an eviction, we will legally represent the property owner in court.

We have a forceful process and system in place to collect your monthly rent. We also make appropriate provisions and convenient ways for the tenant to make the rental payment.

Once each year and in some cases, once every six months, we do contact the tenant to make sure that there is no new information that we should be aware of. We will use this information, where necessary, to update the tenant’s file. This will help us to contact the tenant if there are any future issues with the tenant.

We are here to help you with all of your property management needs, but first, you need to call us so we can listen to your concerns. A representative is available to take your call. Call today!