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Marketing Services


Even though you can market your property through word of mouth advertising to get new tenants, stiff market competition will require that you use a marketing plan and have an advertising budget. In addition, consistency is quite significant when you are advertising your property for rent.

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions is equipped to assist you. We work crating a marketing strategy and develop a budget that will periodically fund media and other advertising to generate new tenants. We have a track record that has been proven to work for many other property owners. We have found it wise to have a marketing and advertising budget to offset vacancy rates.

Therefore, we will coordinate a marketing campaign to announce improvements and renovations to your property. We have found this to be an ideal strategy for generating new tenants. There is no way that you can get a return on your investment if it is not working on your behalf. We make sure that it does. There is no substitute for allowing your rental property to sit empty.

We are capable of getting tenants into your vacant property for you. We will assess the situation carefully to find out what should be done to get that property rented quickly. We will put together a “needs assessment” and “marketing strategy” by finding and listing the features and the benefits of your property that will get the attention of viable and potential renters.

Our company’s success has been based on its ability to aid property owners to profit from their investment by changing rapidly to market cycles and capitalizing on the value of good tenants. We have tactical partners who work directly with us to promote your property in the appropriate advertising and marketing conduit.

Some of these include:

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There are numerous ways that we get new tenants, but as with most marketing drives, some techniques are superior to others. However, we are confident that the key is to measure your return on investment first.

We evaluate each method as it pertains to time and money involved to get the most out of what is spent to generate new tenants. We have found online marketing to be advantageous since it is easier to calculate the performance of a marketing campaign.
You can rest assured that we will try all types of methods and techniques to get you the best results. We are always on the look-out for new ways to get the job done successfully. Therefore, we do stay abreast of advanced technology that will assist us in the process.
Call (601) 713-0007 today to inquire about our marketing services as well as our proven track record.