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Legal Representation

Civil Suits

Property Management can be considered a broad term and can expand to cover a wide range of issues.  These, all can be extremely technical. Successful legal counsel can be priceless.  Without the advantage of such counsel, there are many drawbacks for the unsuspecting.

Whether you do everything possible to avoid these drawbacks, things will still happen. If these things result in legal proceedings, we are able to represent you. Mississippi Real Estate Solutions is a property management company with a seasoned staff. We have saved many of our clients from sitting hours in a court room; not knowing what to do and what to expect. We are very familiar with the tenant’s writes as well as the owner’s writes.


As a property owner, it takes more than having a rental to be a profitable real estate investor. We will help you by thoroughly screening your tenants for you, preventing or representing lawsuits, repairing your property, and using our knowledge effectively on issues related to property owner and tenant rights. This has been some of the keys to our success.

Our legal team comes with an assortment of legal skills under one covering and brings a wealth of knowledge to the representation of property owners. They have major experience in the fair housing laws and all legal issues related to the landlord and tenant relationship. They will defend you in any law suit related to tenant issues and resolve those issues for you in a court of law.

From contracts and landlord-tenant issues, we recognize your needs. Representing property owners in landlord-tenant law matters is what we do best. We will assist you in the eviction process, daily operations, rental agreements and any property owner legal issues that you may face.

At Mississippi Real Estate Solutions, our primary focus is on reliable client satisfaction based on your anticipations. It is vital to us that our client receives individual attention. We make it our duty to pay particular attention to your needs in all situations.

We are dedicated to assisting you in a judicious and appropriate manner, and so close communication is primary to serving our clients in the ideal way. You will always be aware of what is going on in your legal case because we ensure that calls are returned; updates are sent via email, phone or fax and prompt action is taken to ensure that we do not miss any legal deadlines.

Our prime intention is to provide you with incomparable, courteous and considerate service in your time of need.

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