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Emergency Maintenance


Mississippi Real Estate Solutions takes pride in providing 24 hours emergency maintenance for your property and your tenants. We have the essential staff to do so. Our staff is available 24 hours per day year round. They work hard to ensure that your tenants are happy, safe and secure. We know that happy tenants result in profitable tenants.

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions has an emergency answering service that operates after office hours. When an emergency call is received by our answering service, the maintenance technician at Mississippi Real Estate Solution will collect specific details of the problem as well as contact information. The technician will get in touch with the tenant who is having the problem and arrange for a visit to the location in order to address the problem.

You can be assured that our 24 Hour emergency maintenance staff is qualified to act quickly when there is an emergency. Tenants are aware that as soon as an emergency arises, there is a toll free number that they can call. Problems that are non-threatening can also be called in, but will be addressed once the office is opened for business the next day.

Below are some of the emergencies that are handled immediately:

  • Security breach during a threat of burglary or vandalism – the tenant will call 911 first and then call the property management office afterwards.
  • When there is no heat during the winter
  • When the air conditioner is broken during hot summer months
  • Damage to the property that is the cause of wind, storm or fire
  • Flooding that is due to a plumbing issue
  • When the sewer is backed up and unsanitary
  • Failure in the electrical system
  • Any existence of very strong gas odor
  • When sliding doors or window locks are inoperable
  • Fire – call the fire department first and then the property management office afterwards.

We consider every tenant’s request for maintenance to be an important aspect of their living condition and will give great care to its priority as is warranted.

However, to us, emergency maintenance is restricted to definite incidents that are measured as a safety concern or could be damaging to your rental property.

Our goal is to provide the tenant with an immediate response to emergency request for maintenance. Non-emergency requests are also handled swiftly and efficiently by our skilled, experienced, licensed and bonded staff members.

Your property is an important facet of your portfolio and we value it as much as you do. We also take the tenant into consideration during an emergency. Our objective is to have a desirable outcome for both you and your tenant. Call us today so we can assist you. A knowledgeable representative is waiting to take your call.