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Credit Reporting

Photo of a Credit ReportIn today’s society, it’s unsafe to just give the keys to a tenant without thoroughly checking the past history of the potential tenant. A credit report is a crucial aspect of your inquiry. In the same gesture, it is necessary that we account for any negative activities from a delinquent tenant that would be an advantage to the next landlord.

According to recent reports, the credit bureaus have made it much easier for property managers to report to them. In fact, Experian, one of the three biggest credit bureaus has announced the purchase of a smaller credit bureau called ‘RentBureau,’ that is specifically geared towards helping people in the rental community.

This program allows property management companies to participate by allowing them to feed the histories of rent payment made by tenants into the bureau system. Mississippi Real Estate Solutions will have access to several credit reporting methods including this one.

The information poured into this and other systems will benefit future landlords as it will afford property management companies like us to report and pull credit. When necessary, we will report any negative credit information about your property to the proper credit agencies. This means that we will be able to collect from past tenants after reporting on their credit. We are authorized to report the tenant’s credit reports in all states.

Mississippi Real Estate Solutions offers a forceful approach to the resolution of rent delinquency for property owners nationwide. We help property owners to collect rent that has been outstanding. No other company chases after delinquent tenants as assertively as we do.
Credit Reporting of Past and Current Bad Tenants

Eviction is no longer a threat to tenants who already know the legal system and understand what they can get away with. However, by adding the influence of exposure of bad tenants “to the credit world”, we have been able to prevent unpaid rent, damage of property and lease agreements that have been broken.

At the start of the lease agreement, we will directly send a non-threatening notice to the tenant clearly explaining that if the lease is broken, rent is unpaid and property is damaged, we will report them to the national credit bureau.

Once the tenant gets our letter, they will be most likely want to pay their rent on time, respect the terms of the lease, and carefully maintain your property. However, in the event that this does not work with some tenants, we will take it a step further and do the appropriate credit reporting as soon as a tenant breaks the lease agreement or damages the property.
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