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It is important to have accurate financial and document records when you are a real estate investor. You should know when and if you are making a profit, details of your cash flow and the amount of expenditure that is involved in the process. In addition, dotting your “T’s,” and “I’s,” to help you at tax time is also a very good reason to do so. It is definitely vital for property managers to keep and maintain accurate reports in every rental transaction and to know exactly what to do with those reports.

Keeping accurate financial records is necessary for the smooth operation of your real estate business. Here, at Mississippi Real Estate Solutions, we are aware of that and so we help our real estate investors to keep their records intact so that it will be instrumental to proper accounting procedures that will be necessary during the tax season.


In addition, we keep these records to show:

  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Expenses

This will guide the property owner in maintaining a good budget and help us to better serve you. We can offer suggestions to the property owner by analyzing and evaluating the financial report each month.

Our accounting team has the understanding and experience to maintain your financial records for you. With their expertise, they will know how to eliminate accounting errors, and ensure that you are aware of where you stand financially with each property.

Maintain good records

We are a professional property management company and our practices account for good record-keeping that is controlled and almost error-free. We maintain a very high accounting level and financial integrity in whatever transaction we engage in. We will keep separate records for each property to meet our rigorous accounting guidelines.

Even though, our accounting and financial practice is not legally required nor it is the “simplest” way to manage your finances, we have found it to be the most effective method in the long run. It forces total transparency and allows the property owner to formulate improved and more educated decisions about each property’s investment needs.

We will stay on top of your financial record to give you the assurance that you will have any information that you require at any time. We also go a step further by securing copies of all leases, contracts, agreements, financial records and other important documents for at least three years – even after the tenants have moved out.

Your bottom line is secure with us and we take this part of the process seriously. So call one of our qualified representatives at Mississippi Real Estate Solutions today to assist you.